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Hello, my name is Hilda Pendleton. Welcome to my website about music theory. When I was a young girl, my parents required that I play a new instrument in music class each year. Over the years, I decided that I favored the brass instruments the best. I continued playing instruments on my own time using music theory to perfect my performances. On this site, I hope to share my knowledge of music theory with you all. I invite you to visit my site on a regular basis to learn all you can about music theory. Thank you for coming by.


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Keep Things From Going Off Key By Choosing The Best Singer For Your Next Event

Hiring a singer for your next scheduled event may seem easy, whether you are hiring someone to sing at a birthday party or at a wedding. After all, you know what type of music you like, and any professional singer you hire is probably going to sound wonderful. However, you should also consider your audience and the purpose of your event when hiring a singer to keep your audience in tune with the entertainment.

Guitarist singers

Charismatic and often popular, guitarist singers are a good fit for nearly any type of event. They are perfect for small events held in your home or for events taking place in small venues, as you will not need a huge amount of space like you would for a large band. Guitarist singers can softly play an instrumental in the background to set the mood for a romantic dinner or sing a special song tableside for that special person in your life.

Piano singers

Who can resist the soothing tinkling of ivory piano keys and a beautiful singing voice resonating throughout the room? If you love timeless classics, a piano singer is your best option for entertainment. Able to play and sing your favorite classical tunes, they are sure to be a hit at any dinner party or wedding reception.

One genre versus multiple

When it comes to choosing a singer, you will want to know what genres they specialize in or if they work across genres. Not only should you take into consideration the genres you enjoy, but you should also think about your audience. For instance, if your audience consists of young and old guests, you may want to choose a singer who can sing a combination of modern tunes and classics to keep your audience engaged.

If your audience consists primarily of people from your own age group, you may want to hire a singer who is familiar with music from a specific decade. This is especially fun if you are trying to recreate the good old days for a friend's milestone birthday party or add a fun element to a retirement party.

A great singer can make a big difference in how your party, wedding, or other big event is remembered. The right singer will bring energy and a delightful sense of joy to your event. Not only should your hired singer be a stellar song artist, but they should also know how to keep the audience engaged and be able to interact well with your guests. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a singer for events.