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Hello, my name is Hilda Pendleton. Welcome to my website about music theory. When I was a young girl, my parents required that I play a new instrument in music class each year. Over the years, I decided that I favored the brass instruments the best. I continued playing instruments on my own time using music theory to perfect my performances. On this site, I hope to share my knowledge of music theory with you all. I invite you to visit my site on a regular basis to learn all you can about music theory. Thank you for coming by.



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The Benefits of Attending a Concert

Do you have a favorite band that you love listening to but you've never seen them perform live? Going to a concert is a fun experience that has the opportunity to be about much more than just listening to music. Here's why you might want to look up a local country band on tour in your area or any other kind of band performing near you soon.

A Concert Is a Great Way to Be Active Without Realizing It

When your favorite song starts playing, your heartbeat likely elevates and you get a boost of adrenaline. And that's just when you're singing along to it in the car. Hearing your favorite band perform live is a great way to get your entire body moving for a couple of hours or more. You'll be jumping up and down, cheering, high diving, and dancing all over the place as you move to the beat. A concert is actually a great way to burn calories without even realizing it. At the very least, you'll have the possibility of having a healthier night than if you would have just stayed on the couch.

If You Love a Specific Band, You Never Know When You'll Get Another Chance

Have you followed a specific country band for years but never seen them in person? Do you have a favorite solo artist you used to hang posters of when you were younger? This next tour might be your best or only opportunity to see your favorite performer live. Even if a band has a history of touring every year, you never know what life will bring in the years ahead. If a tour comes to your town and you don't go, you are going to be kicking yourself if the band were to suddenly break up or at least take an extended break from touring in the years to come. Going to the concert ensures you won't miss any chances to see them. 

Meet Up With Like-Minded Fans and Make New Friends

When you go to a concert where there will be plenty of other people who also like the artist or band in question, it's a great opportunity to make new friends. After all, the ice breaker is already taken care of, as you both like the same kind of music.

Reach out to a local ticket supplier or concert promoter in your area today for more information.