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Hello, my name is Hilda Pendleton. Welcome to my website about music theory. When I was a young girl, my parents required that I play a new instrument in music class each year. Over the years, I decided that I favored the brass instruments the best. I continued playing instruments on my own time using music theory to perfect my performances. On this site, I hope to share my knowledge of music theory with you all. I invite you to visit my site on a regular basis to learn all you can about music theory. Thank you for coming by.



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Looking For A Meaningful Activity For Your Child? Why They Should Learn To Play The Piano

If you're looking for a way to get your child involved in a meaningful pastime, look no further than music; piano lessons to be exact. Piano lessons can open up a whole new world for your child, and provide them will lasting opportunities for growth. Here are four reasons you should enroll your child in piano lessons.

Piano Lessons Teach Concentration

When it comes to children, they don't always have the longest attention span. They also don't have a strong desire to concentrate on any one thing. That's where piano lessons come in to play. When your child is learning to play the piano, they'll be required to sit still and concentrate on one particular thing, the notes that they're playing. They'll learn to concentrate on each note, and appreciate how those notes come together. In the beginning, you may only be able to get them to concentrate for a few minutes at a time, and that's okay. As they develop their talent, you'll find that they're able to focus for longer periods of time. The wonderful thing is that their ability to focus and concentrate will carry over to other areas of their life.

Piano Lessons Improve Creativity

If your child is in need of a creative outlet, piano lessons may be just what they need. Unlike some activities, piano lessons encourage children to explore their own creativity as they learn to master the instrument. For instance, as your child learns to play the piano, they're able to explore different notes to create their own unique sounds. It's through the process of practice that they're able to find, and improve their creativity.

Piano Lessons Build Confidence

As your child masters the piano, they'll be given opportunities to perform in front of other people. To start, they'll perform for you, and other family members. As they progress, they may perform in concerts and at their own recitals. These performances will give your child the opportunity to build their own confidence, which will help them throughout their life.

Piano Lessons Increase IQ

You might not realize this, but playing a musical instrument can actually increase your child's IQ. In fact, studies have found that children who play the piano can see an increase of about seven points in their IQ.  The same studies show that playing the piano sparks the portion of the brain that's responsible for storing important information. Signing your child up for piano lessons will help them excel in other areas of their life, including academically.

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