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Hello, my name is Hilda Pendleton. Welcome to my website about music theory. When I was a young girl, my parents required that I play a new instrument in music class each year. Over the years, I decided that I favored the brass instruments the best. I continued playing instruments on my own time using music theory to perfect my performances. On this site, I hope to share my knowledge of music theory with you all. I invite you to visit my site on a regular basis to learn all you can about music theory. Thank you for coming by.



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Three Dos And Three Don'ts For Attending Your First Rock Concert

Attending rock concerts is a great way to connect with your favorite musicians as people and also to meet others who share your appreciation for certain bands. But rock concerts are known to be lively and a bit wild, so you may not know what to expect as you attend your first one. To ensure a good experience, make sure you follow these dos and don'ts the first time you go to see a rock band perform on stage.

Do: Plan how you'll get home.

It's easy to get carried away and drink a little too much at a rock concert, so make sure you have a safe ride home after the show. Whether this means calling an Uber or having a friend pick you up, it's never a good idea to rely on your own sobriety after a rock concert. (That is, unless you are a lifelong non-drinker and absolutely won't be indulging at all during the show.)

Don't: Try to record the whole show.

Taking a few pictures is fine, but don't be one of those people who practically miss the whole show because they're trying to record it on their phone. The rock band deserves your attention while they're actually performing live, so put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the moment.

Do: Sing along.

Almost everyone at the concert will be singing along, and you'll feel more connected to the band if you do, too. Make sure you listen to some of the band's biggest hits before the show so you know the words and can participate effectively. If they are touring in support of a new album, listen to the new album before the show! 

Don't: Get caught up in the mosh pit.

A mosh pit often forms in front of the stage. People push and shove each other and can get pretty rowdy. At your first concert, it's probably best to stay back from the mosh pit. They can be dangerous, as people get stepped on, trampled, and squished. 

Do: Talk to people.

Keep in mind that everyone at this show shares an interest of yours: the band you are watching! Concerts can be a great opportunity to make new friends, so talk to those around you and don't be shy.

Don't: Accept drinks or drugs from strangers.

Even though you are there to make friends, it's important not to be too trusting. Buy your own drinks, and don't accept anything that resembles drugs from a stranger--you can't know that it's safe, and you don't want your concert experience to end in the emergency room.